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Global GSA Group exceeded expectations throughout 2022

2022 was a remarkable year for Global GSA Group with increased business opportunities, a growing team, record yields and an overall growth surpassing even its own forecast.

Having proved itself as a solid partner to airlines during the troubled times of the pandemic and beyond, Global GSA Group has maintained its continuous efforts last year to achieve very rewarding results. With 12 new contracts gained and 35 members of staff recruited, 2022 marked a steep rise in Global GSA Group’s activities leading to a 15% growth compared to the previous year.

This success is largely due to Global GSA Group’s solid customer base. The Group has indeed maintained long-running relationships with its customers, some of which have been trusting it since its beginnings in 1995. The dedication of the team has also been a key contributing factor. Ismail Durmaz, Chief Executive Officer is more than happy about the past year:

“I am very grateful to the Global GSA Group team for its highly professional approach, amazing agility and strong commitment to the company. The experience we have acquired during the pandemic, combined with our expertise, has allowed us to embrace all the challenges we encountered, forge long-lasting relationships with our customers and generate growth.”

Global GSA Group understands that digitalization not only allows more transparency but also increases agility with faster responses in a growingly volatile market. Among the tools being used by Global GSA Group are the most cutting-edge solutions on the market. Whether it be for booking, capacity and revenue optimization or pricing decision-making, these solutions have already proved particularly insightful for the GSA and its partners. In order to secure and boost its leading position, Global GSA has also recruited specialised talents thereby ensuring it is fully equipped to tackle the current challenges. Consequently, the further strengthening of digital tools and skills within the company, coupled with its solid local ties and close customers relations will surely give the GSA an edge over its competitors. Enhancing its presence worldwide, through the creation of new companies and the acquisition of existing ones, particularly in the strategic Asian region, will also be an asset.

When questioned about how he anticipates the coming months, Ismail Durmaz, remains cautious:

“Our unfailing reliability is what has made us who we are today, and it will definitely last in the future. It is very hard to predict long-term market trends. However, with the market shifting to pre-covid rates and demands, our primary strategy is to protect our carriers market position and revenue. As always, we strive to advise and steer our airline partners thanks to our thorough understanding of the local markets and by continuing to add more digital enhancements to our operations. In any case, Global GSA Group is determined to win new market shares and has ensured it is fully equipped to do so, both in terms of technological and human resources.”




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