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Etihad Cargo Introduces Cool Dollies To Enhance Cool Chain Capabilities

Etihad Cargo has enhanced its Abu Dhabi tarmac transportation fleet with the addition of high-tech cool dollies. The introduction of cool dollies for the transportation of pharmaceutical and perishable shipments will enable the carrier to fully complete its temperature-controlled cool chain capabilities at its Abu Dhabi hub.

In partnership with Etihad Airport Services Cargo, Etihad Cargo has added dedicated cool dollies for pharmaceutical and perishable products to provide maximum safety to the carrier's partners and customers at every stage of the handling process. The specialised containers will offer a closed, temperature-controlled system to ensure the reliable and seamless transportation of high-value and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical cargo between the carrier's aircraft and state-of-the-art cool chain warehouse.

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo, said: "Etihad Cargo is committed to the safe, reliable and robust transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo via its IATA CEIV Pharma-certified PharmaLife and IATA CEIV Fresh-certified products. Part of this commitment is ensuring cargo is transported between the aircraft and cool chain facilities as fast as possible and mitigating the risks associated with outdoor and environmental conditions during the cargo's journey. Etihad Cargo and Etihad Airport Services Cargo have partnered to introduce dedicated cool dollies at the carrier's Abu Dhabi Airport hub to minimise the time that temperature-sensitive cargo is exposed to external factors, such as high temperatures. These specialised containers not only control the temperature but also enable Etihad Cargo to access the data records, providing Etihad Cargo increased visibility of this Critical Control Point to reduce, eliminate and prevent hazards."

Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President Cargo at Etihad Airport Services Cargo, said: "We recognise the importance of a secured cool chain, and the demand from our airline and its customers to ensure their shipments are protected during their transit through Abu Dhabi International Airport. Therefore, we are very pleased to introduce these cool dollies, which will, in the initial phase, be used exclusively to transport pharmaceutical and perishable products to and from the aircraft from our cargo facilities. As a CEIV Pharma and Fresh-certified cargo handler, this further reiterates our commitment to providing best-in-class services to ensure the safe and efficient carriage of pharmaceuticals through our airport.”

Schürmann explained: "By providing a fully temperature-controlled solution, Etihad Cargo will enable customers and partners to reduce risks, as cargo will be exposed to the elements for the absolute minimum amount of time. With these brand-new cool dollies, Etihad Cargo is bridging the last gap in its global cool chain offering by providing continuity and stability with advanced temperature-controlled solutions during the most critical step of air cargo transportation."

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