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ACL Airshop Focused on Growth for Air Cargo Customers

ACL Airshop  is announcing strategic initiatives and sustainability themes at the World Cargo Symposium (“WCS”) in Dublin Ireland.  For over 70 years, IATA has developed global commercial standards upon which the air transport industry is built. As a specialized company in the air cargo value chain, ACL Airshop is also a member of IATA’s Strategic Partners program.

ACL Airshop’s ongoing strategic initiatives are centered on their customers’ stated needs. From multiple “voice of the customer” surveys the company has learned:

Customers highly value the worldwide availability of our large and growing fleet of ULDs. Flexible lease terms can be as short as 7 days, or meaningful savings are available with long term leases and full-fleet ULD Management programs.

Customers appreciate our large worldwide network of service points at major hub airports. This allows one-way leases and drop-off’s at destinations when desired. Customers can pick up and return worldwide. ACL Airshop locations on six continents carry all types of ULDs and cargo restraints such as nets, straps, fittings and corner ropes.

Customers recognize the value of speed and efficiency. ACL Airshop is well-known for its speed of responsiveness to clients on a 24/7/365 basis. “Custom ULD Solutions” speaks to the array of flexible programs that ACL Airshop offers, not rigid programs such as ULD fleet pooling.

Customers know that the digitalization wave is changing things quickly.  The nature of logistics management in air cargo is now enhanced with innovative technologies , which is why ACL Airshop created “FindMyULD” and other effective new tools. “ULD Control,” Bluetooth tracking, and proprietary Repair Station software are examples of continuous investments so customers can manage their ULD fleet around the world from the palm of their hand.

Customers see ACL Airshop as a one-stop shop.  We operate in five highly complementary business segments: Cargo Control Products Manufacturing, ULD Leasing, ULD Sales, ULD Repairs, and ULD Logistics Management. 

Sustainability has become an important strategic imperative in the air transport industry.  ACL Airshop is committed to doing its part for a greener, better world. For example, the company provides lightweight aluminum pallets for lease, which are engineered to be thin but strong, reducing overall weight and thus saving fuel burn and costs in the long-term. In its own internal investments, the company recently built an ultra-modern new production facility in South Carolina, using numerous Lean techniques to enhance productivity, increase materials velocity, and reduce utilities waste. The company is playing a prominent role in the Dublin symposium as the leader and sponsor of a full day covering Sustainability, with expert presentations by more than a dozen industry thought-leaders from around the world.

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