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SEKO Logistics have launched the latest version of SEKO Live

SEKO Logistics have launched the latest version of SEKO Live to ensure seamless installations and reducing the risk of returns through instant ‘one touch’ communications with off-site product experts. This launch delivers their client’s specialist, technical and customer service support straight to the doors of consumers who are buying big and bulky items.

“In most cases, home deliveries of big and bulky items are completed exactly as planned, but if a customer has questions or uncertainties about their purchase, the time window to save the sale and prevent a return can be literally minutes,” said James Gagne, SEKO’s President & CEO. “SEKO Live is a scalable, low-cost solution that maximizes the customer experience and minimizes lost sales by connecting customers with the real-time expert advice and customer service support they need. This not only protects the sale, but it also avoids the risk of damaging reviews that could negatively impact sales.”

“SEKO Live finds solutions faster by taking a collaborative approach. It takes a retailer’s technical product knowledge and business prowess out to a customer in the field but through SEKO’s own last mile delivery experts,” said Mike Powell, SEKO’s Chief Technology Officer. “One-touch calls are pre-routed, so customers never get held up in a queue and bypass any automated customer service steps or chatbots. They quickly receive the answers they need, such as how to fit pedals to the exercise bike they’ve purchased. This is the right-first-time response consumers want. Statistics show that 96% of customers will leave if they experience poor customer service and 80.2% of online shoppers will return an item if they believe it is damaged or broken. SEKO Live enables retailers and consumers to resolve issues while the product is still at the delivery address.”

SEKO Live features include:

  • Conversations are livestreamed and supported with two-way messenger communications using the Pro Text Translate Tool to convert each party’s text into their home language. 

  • Users can instantly livestream to provide visibility to central management, wherever they’re located.

  • The streaming service allows multiple users to accept calls, connecting customers with technical, installation, warranty and after-sales support to quickly escalate and resolve any delivery issues.      

  • High quality video streaming, photos and audio guarantees clear and precise communication, and can be stored for quality, auditing and warranty purposes.

  • Key call data such as time, date, location, user, operator, duration, chat, video and photos are recorded, as well as custom data tags to help with customer service analysis - all of which can be exported via API or file transfer, showing full visibility of the order journey.

“Last mile is more than just delivery. It’s the communication ahead of the delivery, the actual physical appointment and the delivery of items inside the home, plus everything post-delivery. SEKO Logistics supports every phase of the user journey - from customer experience to delivery and installation, protecting the sale and driving customer lifetime value. SEKO Live is for retailers that want their customers to feel heard and appreciated,” said Powell.


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